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FFG World Championship

I had a chance to swing up to World’s for a few hours on Thursday. It was nice to meet a lot of folks from out of state and out of the country, and it was nice to see so much of our acrylic on the X-Wing tables. Here are a few of the pics […]

Ocean play mats now in stock

After a little miscommunication with our printer, I’m happy to announce that we now have our 3×3 Water play mats in stock. These are the same thick vinyl as our space themed mats, and they are nearly impossible to scratch or scuff during regular play. We’ve been playing Sails of Glory on one for a […]

New play mats in stock

We just got in a huge shipment of play mats, including 7 new designs. Use the links below to check them out. There’s even a design for epic play. We will be adding an ocean playmat soon for use with Sails of Glory, Wings of Glory or Wings of War. 3′ x 6′ Star Field […]

Bad news.

It seems that the laser tube on our engraver died yesterday. Epilog has traditionally been very fast in getting problems like this taken care of, but at a minimum we will be unable to cut for a few days. I will know more when they return my call today. What this means for you is […]

huge ship - mirr gold

Huge Ship Templates

They’re finally here! We just released our new templates to go with the huge ships for X-Wing. To go along with it, we added a really slick range 3/5 ruler set, and updated our whole line of templates to our new Version 2.0 Font and Symbol style. The new look really helps them fit in […]