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Premium Ion tokens – now in Mirrored Orange!

We just added a new color to our pack of Premium Ion Tokens. They are now available in mirrored orange that has been front engraved and painted, and they look gorgeous. If you ever wanted an ion token that actually shimmers, now you can have them.

New Cloaked Ship pack

We just added a new pack of tokens to our premium line. The Cloaked Ship Pack contains 1x Cloak token, 1x Stress token, 1x Evade token and 2x Focus tokens. A perfect compliment to your Phantom list.

New Colors

We now have 2 new colors and 1 returning color in stock. Now you can get X-Wing and Attack Wing templates and rulers in Fluorescent Pink and Opaque Orange. And after far too long being out of production, Radiant acrylic is now being manufactured again. I’m happy to say we got our hands on some […]

New shipping info

Up until now, we have shipped out everything we could via USPS First Class mail. The great advantage to this is that it is cheap, which brings costs down for you. The downside is that getting tracking numbers is a real pain when they are needed, and certain items ended up getting manhandled and broken […]

Finally caught up

After a record number of sales during our Thanksgiving weekend sale, I’m finally caught up with orders. The only exceptions are those of you who have ordered the backordered Design N of our star field play mats. They’re at the printer and I’m hoping to get them on Friday. I wanted to take a minute […]