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Huge Ship Templates

They’re finally here! We just released our new templates to go with the huge ships for X-Wing. To go along with it, we added a really slick range 3/5 ruler set, and updated our whole line of templates to our new Version 2.0 Font and Symbol style. The new look really helps them fit in […]

Surprise Star Wars Day Sale!

Use coupon code maythe4thbewithyou in your cart and get 10% of all our X-Wing compatible items. Only valid on Star Wars Day. (00:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. 2014-05-04, Central USA time)

Tiny Target Locks and Destroyed Vehicle templates

Already a big hit since we introduced them a few days ago, our Tiny Target Lock set makes your X-Wing or Attack Wing game a lot easier to manage. Instead of having to constantly remember to pick up your target lock tokens and move them along with the ship, these sit on top of the […]

Dark Star and Delayed Shipping

We are proud to sponsor the Dark Star GT this weekend. We will have someone at Fantasy Flight Game Center all weekend to meet, greet, and work a merch booth. Come on out and learn about our materials and processes, upcoming products or just say hi. Due to the busy weekend, orders placed between Thursday […]

Large ship products coming soon.

FFG just announced some exciting new options for X-Wing players. The new CR90 corvette will be released soon and has some interesting new pieces to go with it, including a specialized movement template and a range 5 firing ruler. We’ve already got the ruler designed and are working out pricing, and we plan to have […]