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New play mats in stock

We just got in a huge shipment of play mats, including 7 new designs. Use the links below to check them out. There’s even a design for epic play. We will be adding an ocean playmat soon for use with Sails of Glory, Wings of Glory or Wings of War. 3′ x 6′ Star Field […]

Bad news.

It seems that the laser tube on our engraver died yesterday. Epilog has traditionally been very fast in getting problems like this taken care of, but at a minimum we will be unable to cut for a few days. I will know more when they return my call today. What this means for you is […]

huge ship - mirr gold

Huge Ship Templates

They’re finally here! We just released our new templates to go with the huge ships for X-Wing. To go along with it, we added a really slick range 3/5 ruler set, and updated our whole line of templates to our new Version 2.0 Font and Symbol style. The new look really helps them fit in […]

Surprise Star Wars Day Sale!

Use coupon code maythe4thbewithyou in your cart and get 10% of all our X-Wing compatible items. Only valid on Star Wars Day. (00:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. 2014-05-04, Central USA time)

tiny target lock

Tiny Target Locks and Destroyed Vehicle templates

Already a big hit since we introduced them a few days ago, our Tiny Target Lock set makes your X-Wing or Attack Wing game a lot easier to manage. Instead of having to constantly remember to pick up your target lock tokens and move them along with the ship, these sit on top of the […]