This weekend we are making the move to our new (temporary) office. This will actually be a transitional space to keep us operational while we get our new building finished. It is being completely redone from the studs in, including having the current concrete floor ripped out and replaced. It’s a big project and one that is sadly taking longer than initially hoped. Something about getting 4 different contractors to coordinate very full schedules with each other makes some things take a lot longer than any of us want.

But the good news is we have a space on the same property we can set up shop in until our new shop is completed. So this weekend we are moving into that space and getting everything up and going.

So why are we moving? Quite simply, space. We currently operate from a tiny area and with inventory, raw materials, shipping supplies and equipment, there is really only enough room for one person to work at a time, and no room for expansion. Our new space will give us about 4 times as much room, which means more space for inventory (and new products), more space for equipment (meaning we can do more stuff in house), and more space for people (more employees means faster service and quicker product releases).

So, it’s an exciting, crazy, stressful, wonderful time for us. Thanks for making the journey with us and for being patient during our transition.